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Author(s): Jordan Shockley and Morgan Waldner

Published: July 27th, 2021

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Have you ever pulled your smartphone out and thought, “I sure wish there was an app for that”?  Well, you are not alone.  The development of new mobile apps for just about anything is fast-paced.  Why?  According to comScore, 89% of all mobile minutes are mobile app minutes.  The top two categories for mobile app users are social media and news/information.  While there are hosts of mobile apps dedicated to agriculture, there are also mobile apps that deal specifically with agricultural economics topics.  Whether you are looking for pricing information for commodities or help with record-keeping, there’s an app for that.  We have recently put together an extension publication that lists all of the mobile apps that we could find which help with marketing, management, policy, agribusiness, and economic development.  The two-page summary lists the mobile apps available, the agricultural economics topic(s) they address, and their availability on Apple or Google smartphones.  A detailed description of each app is also available.  We encourage you to download a few apps and see which one works best for your specific situation or need.  If you have a mobile app dealing specifically with agricultural economics that is not on the list, don't hesitate to reach out and let us know so we can add it to our list and share with other farmers and producers across the state. 

Recommended Citation Format:

Shockley, J. and M. Waldner. "'There's an App for That'." Economic and Policy Update (21):7, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Kentucky, July 27th, 2021.  

Author(s) Contact Information: 

Jordan Shockley  |  Associate Extension Professor  |

Morgan Waldner  |  AEC Student Worker





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