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Currently, two types of Master's degree programs are offered. One is the research Master's degree (Plan A), in which the student conducts research and writes a thesis. The other Master's Degree program (Plan B) is in Applied Agricultural Economics and does not require a thesis. Most of the students undertaking Plan A intend to pursue a Ph.D. degree as well.
Application and Admission
All applications for admission are made directly to the Graduate School. Applicants are eligible for admission to graduate work in agricultural economics at the Master's level only after they have completed an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution with a grade point average of at least 2.7 (4.0 basis) on all undergraduate work. Please see our Prospective Graduate Students page for more information.
Plan A
This program is designed to meet the needs of students who have a strong interest in a specific topic and wish to fully develop their understanding of it by preparing a major research paper. Students in this program will be expected to complete a thesis plus a minimum of 24 hours of course work, 12 hours of which must be at the 600 level and 12 hours of which must be in agricultural economics courses.

The MS thesis research will be conducted under supervision of the student's major professor and advisory committee. Once the thesis is completed, the student's final oral examination can be scheduled. In addition to the oral examination, students are encouraged to present seminars based on their work. They are also encouraged to write papers for presentation at professional meetings and for submission to professional journals.

Plan B
There exists a continuing need for a Master's degree program which produces individuals with a broad set of professional skills. By taking a larger set of courses, students develop the capacity to apply most of the tools available to an applied economics. Academic work in this program concentrates on applied agricultural economics courses directed toward the special needs of the individual student. This program does not require a thesis, but it does require 36 credit hours of graduate coursework, at least 15 hours of which must be at the 600 or higher level, and 18 hours of which must be in agricultural economics courses.

Please see the AEC Graduate Student Handbook and talk with your Advisor/Major Professor for more details.