Students on Argentina 2019 Trip

Undergraduate students currently majoring in AEC are eligible to receive up to $2,000 to help in pursuing strategic, career-enhancing opportunities that for financial reasons they may not otherwise pursue. Our commitment to our students extends beyond the classroom, and thanks to friends of and donors to our department, we are able to support our students in becoming well-rounded leaders in the ag industry. 

Considering donating to the AEC Undergraduate Opportunity Fund? Read a few testimonials from our previous award recipients: 

-"A trip like this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it was made possible through receiving funds from the Undergraduate Opportunity Fund. Without the funding provided from donors, this trip could not have happened."

-"The Opportunity Fund's help with my travel costs (quite literally) got me to London and back, and now that I have returned I know I will carry these experiences with me for a lifetime."

-"It allowed me to learn how to budget and allocate funds and it allowed me to take opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise. I also look forward to the day I am able to ‘pay it forward'."

Donate today through UK Philanthropy's secured site.

Students, this is your opportunity to decide what extra-curricular opportunities will boost your resume, expand your hands-on skills, and provide the perspective and insights needed for you to be confident in entering the industry and job marketing post-graduation. There is no minimum GPA or resume required to apply. 

You decide what will help your career the most. Previous recipients have applied their awards to opportunities including education abroad, internships, attending professional conferences, etc. Use this money to cover expenses such as: 

  • Airfare for education abroad experiences
  • Unreimbursed rent on two apartments while interning in another location
  • Independent research expenses
  • Registration and travel to professional conferences
  • Something else that is valuable to you


Ready to Apply? 

The application is short, but you’ll want to be very thoughtful. Complete the application, share it with your mentor, and get their input. 

You need to make a compelling case for why this money will enhance your career. Make your proposal as specific as possible (i.e., when, where, what, how, how much, etc.). If certain details are unknown or pending, that’s fine. Just explain the situation clearly. Don't wait! You can apply for funding up to 12 months in advance.