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Low-cost grazing systems for the Upper South, Bale grazing winter-feeding systems that reduce equipment costs and increase pasture fertility, Grass-finished beef production, and Grain-crop profitability and management.



Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat

Wheat Double-Crop Soybean Budget (2023 - 2024)

Corn and Soybean Budgets - 2023

Corn and Soybean Budgets - Central Kentucky - 2023

Corn and Soybean Budgets - Western Kentucky - 2023

Flexible Cash Lease Decision-Aid 

Fertilizer Price Calculator


Beef Cattle, Forages, and Winter Feeding Systems

Beef Enterprise Budgets, Ver. 2008-1.0

Bred Heifer Profitability Estimation

Profitability of Nitrogen Applications for Stockpiling Tall Fescue Pastures – 2015 Guide

Switchgrass vs. Hay Comparative Budgets

Valuing Corn Silage for Beef Cattle Feed 2014 Guide

Progressive Forage Articles: How often should you move your cattle?; Picking apples off the grazing tree - Part 1: When grazing isn’t profitable, Part 2: Rotation intensity and stockpiled fescue, Part 3: The stocking rate – hay feeding trade-off; Grazing myths that reduce profitabilityCan cattle be finished on pasture?; Bale grazing: increasing pasture fertility while reducing machinery costs; Fertilizer value of hay feeding; Calculating depreciation and interest in hay production.


Pasture-Finished Production Systems: Beef Cattle, Hogs, and Chickens

Producer’s Guide to Pasture-Based Beef Finishing

Pasture Finishing Worksheet for Beef Cattle (2016)

Pastured Based Laying Hens Decision Aid

Small Scale Broiler Production Decision Aid


Other Publications

Custom Machinery Rates Applicable to Kentucky (2022)

Kentucky ANR Agent Land Value and Cash Rent Survey (2018)


Video Resources

Dr. Greg Halich Talks How to Bale Graze in the East | Virginia Forage and Grassland CouncilGreg Halich Talks Profitable Stocking Rates & the Downward Spiral of Overstockingclick to watch and hear Greg Halich presenting Bale Grazing in the East at the 2021 Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council Fall Grazing Conference    


Ph.D. | Agricultural Economics, Virginia Tech, 2005