Lingxiao Wang
PhD Student

Professional Profile

Graduate Research Assistant
Dr. Yuqing Zheng and Dr. Steven Buck

Research Intern
Dr. Harry M. Kaiser

Independent Instructor
ECO 391: "Economic and Business Statistics"
AEC 351: "Introduction to Analysis with Business Software"

Teaching Assistant
AEC 445G: "Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics"

Professional Services
Graduate Student Congress Representative of Agricultural Economics
Department Graduate REserach Committee Representative


Peer-Reviewed Publications

“The Relationship between Public Expenditure and Economic Growth in Romania: Wagner’s or Keynes’s Law”, Theoretical and Applied Economics, No. 562 (September 2016), pp. 56-68


Manuscripts in Progress

Lingxiao Wang, Yuqing Zheng, and Steven Buck. “How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect Cigarette Consumption? –The Mechanism and Heterogeneity.”

Yuqing Zheng, Lingxiao Wang, Shuoli Zhao, and Wuyang Hu. “Corona Beer in Coronavirus Pandemic: Impact of Unintentional Negative Name Association” 

Lingxiao Wang, Yuqing Zheng, Diansheng Dong, Stewart Hayden, Harry M. Kaiser, and Steven Buck. “Do Grocery Taxes Impact Health Outcomes? Evidence from Decade-Long U.S. State and County Tax Changes.”


M.S. | Economics, University of Kentucky

M.S. | Western Economics, Ocean University of China, 2017

B.A. | Economics, Central China Normal University, 2014