Savannah Columbia
Extension Associate
M.S. Student

Professional Profile

Savannah is a Lexington, KY native and has always had an interest in Kentucky agriculture. She received her B.S. in Agricultural Economics in December of 2018 from the University of Kentucky and is currently pursuing her M.S. part-time in the same program. Savannah also graduated with a minor in Sustainable Agriculture upon completing her Bachelor’s Degree and is currently working towards a minor in Spanish in conjunction with her graduate study. Savannah has spent many years working with community-supported agriculture operations and local food production systems. Before joining the Department of Agricultural Economics, Savannah was the Assistant Director of Farm Services at a 38-acre automated greenhouse that specialized in hemp and annual flower production in Central Kentucky.
Savannah's work with extension is in specialty crop marketing and agribusiness. She specializes in direct-to-consumer marketing, crop production operations, and on-farm efficiency; her focus is horticulture topics and local food systems. Savannah works with the Center for Crop Diversification and the MarketReady Producer Training Program.

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Recent Publications

Columbia, Savannah L and Melanie Stock. (2021). Cut Flowers for Community Supported Agriculture Production. CCD-MR-2. Lexington, KY: Center for Crop Diversification, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Available:

Columbia, Savannah L. (2021). Product Liability Insurance Importance and FAQs. CCD-MR-1. Lexington, KY: Center for Crop Diversification, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Available: 

Columbia, S., A. Butler, B. Wolff, T. Woods(2020)Three-Year Average Prices & Quantities at Kentucky Produce Auctions: 2017-2019.CCD-FS-17. Lexington, KY: Center for Crop Diversification. Available:  


Grant Work

New Digital Tools and Marketing Strategies for a Post-COVID-19 Marketplace - SCBG with Dr. Timothy Woods, Brett Wolff, and Emily Spencer

Integrating Post-COVID Cut Flower Demand into Market Education - SCBG with Dr. Timothy Woods, Dr. Shuoli Zhao, and other extension agents/cut flower support specialists.


B.S. | Agricultural Economics, University of Kentucky, 2018