2019 Newsletters


2019-2020 Kentucky Agricultural Economic Situation and Outlook

Contributors: Kenny Burdine, Todd Davis, Jerry Pierce, Will Snell, Tim Woods, (Ag Economics), Jeff Stringer and Bobby Ammerman (Forestry). December, 2019.  



  • 2019 National Land Values Summary
  • The Economic Value of Applying Broiler Litter in the Fall
  • Have We Seen the Worst of this Cattle Cycle?
  • Highlights from the USDA's "Interim Final Rule" Governing Hemp



  • Mid-year Cattle Inventory Suggests Halting Expansion
  • August Reports Leave Many Questions Unanswered
  • Protecting Your Broiler Flock (And Wallet) From the Bird Flu
  • Equity, Cash Flow? What’s the Big Deal?



  • Are Farmers Getting Older? Of Course!
  • Lender Relationships
  • Dairy Margin Coverage Very Attractive for 2019
  • Latest Round of MF Payments Announced



  • The Impact of Fixed Costs on Hay Enterprise Profitability
  • Depreciation: The Largest Check You’ll Never Write
  • Kentucky Highlights from 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture
  • Census Data Confirms Continued Decline in Kentucky Tobacco Farms
  • Regional Specialty Crop Sales Growth Updated from 2017 Census


  • The Economics of Hemp Production in Kentucky
  • 2019 Farm Income Forecast
  • Summer Stocker Outlook for 2019
  • Does 2019 Mark the End of Beef Herd Expansion?
  • Maximizing Value: Spring Application of Broiler Litter of Grain Crop Production


  • Prospects for Winter Backgrounding in 2019/2020
  • Fifty Years of Net Cash Farm Income
  • Three Ways to Help Farmers Communicate with Bankers
  • USDA Updates Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Ending Stocks for 2019-2020



  • Market Demand for Specialty Small Grains in Kentucky
  • What to do When You Have "Too Much" Money
  • Fall 2019 Wheat Planting Decision


  • MFP Payments for 2019
  • Farm Numbers and Concentration
  • Local Food Vitality Index – Louisville, KY
  • U.S. Ag Imports Continue to Grow
  • Historical Net Farm Income (NFI) for Crop Farms in the Kentucky Farm Business Management (KFBM) Program, 2008-2018



  • May WASDE Quickly Over-Shadowed by Trade and Weather News
  • Can Your Farming Operation Be Too Diverse?
  • Early Observations on the 2019 Kentucky Tobacco Outlook
  • High Tunnel Growth in Kentucky


  • Economists' Viewpoints Surrounding the Hemp Boom: Part I
  • Farm Bill Dairy Subtitle and Changes in Class I mover Calculation
  • Swinging for the Fences: High-Input Grain Farming
  • 2019 Revenue Protection Insurance Safety-Net for Corn and Soybeans


  • Trying to Make Sense of the Current Cull Cow Market
  • Potential 2019-2020 Corn and Soybean Balance Sheets and Price Potential
  • Nutrient Value of Feeding Hay
  • Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill)