Mike Reed   |   mrreed@uky.edu
International Trade and Agricultural Marketing, Statistics, Price Analysis

Leigh Maynard   |   leigh.maynard@uky.edu
Local Food Systems

Robert L. Beck

Fred J. Benson   |   fjb442@yahoo.com
Farm Management, Risk Management

Barry W. Bobst
Agricultural Marketing, Futures Marketing

James E. Criswell   |   jbcriswell@copper.net
Farm Management

David Freshwater   |   dfresh@uky.edu
Rural Development, Public Policy, and Finance

Harry H. Hall   |   harryhall@qx.net
Production Economics, Mathematical Programming

Craig Infanger   |   kyinfanger@gmail.com
Natural Resouce and Environmental Economics International Project Management

Larry Jones   |   larry.jones@uky.edu

Fred E. Justus   |   fejustus@insightbb.com
Farm Business Management and Rural Real Estate Appraisal

Loys L. Mather   |   loysmather@gmail.com

A. Lee Meyer   |   lee.meyer@uky.edu
Sustainable Agriculture

Steve K. Riggins   |   steven645@gmail.com
Grain Marketing

Lynn Robbins   |   lynn.robbins@uky.edu
Small Business Growth and Development, Agricultural Business Marketing and Management

Jerry R. Skees   |   jskees@uky.edu
Agricultural Policy, Risk, Insurance, and Rural Development

Richard Trimble   |   lionsear2002@yahoo.com
Farm Management

Lionel Williamson   |   lwilliam@uky.edu
Agribusiness Cooperative Education, Youth Economic and Leadership Development